Twitter opens window into user activities

SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2011 (AFP) - Twitter on Monday finished adding features that let users see who likes their posts and what the people they follow are doing at the popular microblogging network.

"You can now see when someone favorites (likes) or retweets one of your Tweets," the San Francisco-based startup said in a blog post when the changes began rolling out in August.

"You can also learn which Tweets are most interesting and inspiring to the people you follow," the post continued.

The rollout was completed on Monday, according to Twitter.

People can click on "@username" tabs on home pages to see which of their terse musings or observations have been echoed, or "retweeted," or given kudos by other users of the service.

Clicking on "activity" tabs provides Twitter users summaries of what the people the people they follow have been up to at the service.

"It provides a rich new source of discovery by highlighting the latest Favorites, Retweets, and Follows from the people you follow on Twitter -- all in one place," the blog post said of the new "activity" tab.